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This year's new exhibition:

Transistor radios 


The advent of the transistor radio coincided with the great musical revolution that was happening in Great Britain at the time and this is reflected in the classic models on display. Some of which have now been produced as modern replicas.

The worlds first commercial transistor radio was the Regency TR1, from America, in 1954. The first British all transistor radio was the Pam Model 710 in 1956. The earliest transistor on display in the Museum is thought to be an Emerson Model 888 from 1957/58.

Other interesting sets on display are an Ever Ready Cornet Portable which could be used as a car radio or alternatively in the home. Also a Perdio Piccadily from 1960, shown in its original box with receipt and guarantee. A top of the range set shown from 1977 is the Elizabethan Ambassador Pathfinder which cost its owner 360.00 at the time of purchase!

Japanese imports and cheaper products from Hong Kong and the Soviet Union soon began to flood the UK market in the 1960s and were eventually to all but wipe out the home grown British Radio Industry.


This is the first time the Museum has put on a special display of its transistor collection.


Come along and see if you can find your old transistor.

How was reception on Radio Luxemburg or the Pirate Stations?




Every year the members of the Museum hold a Special Event Radio Station on the anniversary of Marconi's birthday in April and also during Orkney's annual Science Festival in September.

We also participate in the local Vintage Rally held in August.

Members are willing to open the Museum on request for special occasions. 

This Museum is well worth a visit, whether you are local or on holiday.


Listen out for GB2OWM on the airwaves.


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